• Inner Harmony is a locally-owned health and wellness center specializing in helping people overcome obstacles that get in the way of their full potential. So what exactly does that mean? We are a mind, body, and spiritual center that incorporates elements of body-awareness through bodywork and massage, and psychoeduicational practices with the work of Dr. Brené Brown on the elements of wholehearted living. We provide everything from psychoeduication coaching to massage and yoga; we are a fun, healthy group of healers who are dedicated to providing services focused on attaining and maintaining optimum health, wellness, and balance.

  • Tyler Yeagley

    Tyler Yeagley, CLC, CMP has worked with over a thousand clients, helping them to overcome physical and emotional barriers, and live happier, more wholehearted lives. Tyler is a psychoeduicational coach and somatoemotional therapist/bodyworker. He was trained by Dr. Brené Brown and her staff at The Daring Way. His work combines the work of Dr. Brené Brown with additional activities and exercises. It is profound, life-changing, and fun!

  • Chip White

    Chip White, CLC, CMT has been involved in self-and healing Since the 1970's, and has given his entire life to helping people overcome their life obstacles and various other emotional barriers that get in the way of living a better quality of life. He is a somatoemotional therapist/bodyworker, as well as a psychoeduicational coach. He was trained by Brene Brown and her staff at The Daring Way. His work combines the work of Dr. Brene Brown with additional training such as holotropic breathwork, and ericksonian hypnosis. His work is safe, and deeply profound.