• Thermal Therapy Massage



    Thermal Therapy is a unique service specific to Inner Harmony that uses the application of heated and cooled wet towels to warm and cool the muscles, and and assist breaking apart knots or adhesions during a conventional Sport or Deep Tissue Massage. Combining many modalities, Thermal Therapy aims to serve people who would like extra relief from chronic pain or tension, and those who are trying to gain flexibility or range of motion. The combination of Thermal Therapy with Sports or Deep Tissue can lessen the discomfort throughout the session, and increase its effectiveness. Also in a Deep Tissue or Sports Massage setting the use of hot and cold can quicken up the process of warming up the muscles and it is possible to get more of the body worked on rather than one or two areas.

  • What Does a Thermal Therapy Massage Feel Like?

    Receiving a Thermal Therapy Session feels much like a Deep Tissue or Sports Massage, but can also be applied to Swedish and other modalities. The Therapist will start off with either hot or cold towels, and after they are applied they will compress the muscles they are being applied to, this deepens the penetration of heat and cold into the muscle and increases the effectiveness. Than the therapist will remove the towels and circulate them throughout the session, while working on other areas, coming back to the areas which have been effected by the hot and cold to work them over and get any residual tension or toxins out. This can be a very relaxing alternative to a conventional Deep Tissue or Sports Massage.

  • What Does Thermal Therapy Massage Help With?

    • Arthritis/ Gout
    • Back Neck and Hip Pain
    • Chronic Pain
    • Chronic Tension
    • Insomnia
    • Muscle Spasms/Cramps
    • Poor Circulation
    • Poor Immune Responce
    • Poor Flexibility and Range of Motion
    • Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI)
    • Scar Tissue/ Adhesions
    • Sciatica
    • Stiff Joints
    • Stress/ Anxiety
  • When is it Not Recommended to Try Thermal Therapy Massage?

    There are no specific contraindications to Thermal Therapy, other than those specific to modalities to which which Thermal Therapy is added onto (see other modalities).