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    December 23, 2013 | admin
  • They really go above and beyond here. They've made an effort to work with my chiropractor to coordinate treatment and always serve you water while you wait.

    Nick A.

  • My wife and I had a couples massage last weekend and it was a wonderful experience all around. I've read other reviews complaining about the chickens but this didn't bother us a bit. The staff is great and very friendly. The rooms are clean and the atmosphere is great and relaxing. I'd recommend Inner Harmony to everyone. Cudos to the management as well for making sure we had a good experience.

    Dan C.

  • I have been a member of Inner Harmony Massage for 6 months and each massage I get gets better and better. I came in with a lot of neck and shoulder tension related to migraines and Tyler relieved so much of my pain and I felt fantastic afterwards. If you get a membership, you can add a 2nd massage in the month for a really affordable rate. That 2nd massage can be used for a family member, which I can use for my husband.

    Adriane D.

  • Great massage. Great business I've had treatments from two different therapists and both were genuinely interested in addressing issues I was having and have been very effective is solving some chronic pain issues. I refer my friends to them often.

    Mark B.

  • Tyler and the rest of the team are truly top notch at what they do. I have been coming here for years and the service has always been outstanding. The location is close by where I live and I have only been treated outstanding by Tyler the owner and his entire staff. The new location they are in is peaceful and comfortable. Go nowhere else and experience the best massage of your life!

    Jeff D.

  • Went for a couples massage with my hubby. My massage therapist, Alan, did a wonderful job hitting all my kinks. Pressure was just right. Would definitely go back again.

    Theresa D.

  • Tyler is awesome! He has a magic touch. I came in here with stiff back, glutes, and neck...so much stiffness around those areas but after seeing Tyler, everything got better. He listened and adjusted the pressure to my liking. Usually I wake up with migraines as well but after my session with him...no more migraines. I just love him. I've been to a lot of massage places and trust me...he is one of the best Massage Therapists in Sacramento.

    Desee R.

  • I've had massages all over the world and Tyler wins that contest hands down. I needed someone that knew what they were doing and Tyler's knowledge base is well beyond that of most others in his profession that you come across. You can tell that he constantly learns and works on improving which is exactly what those who are the best in their profession do. Massage is an art and a science and Tyler is the offspring of Picasso and Einstein.

    Derek L.

  • I had a two hour massage today with Tyler and it was by far the best massage I have had in the area...EVER..., I am very athletic and active. And need a quality deep tissue massage for my body type and everyday sore muscles. I was a previous athlete and I have had dozens maybe hundreds of massages over the past 15 years and Tyler definitely made it to the top of that list. I love the location in old Fair Oaks. They also offer a great membership if you are one who needs more than one massage a month. You are getting every dollar's worth with your service here. I will be referring my friends, family and my business clients to Inner Harmony.

    Jenae L.

  • I came here originally with a Groupon but keep coming back because this is where I get the best massage! Angel is awesome, always lets me know it is MY massage and is great at "fixing" me.The waiting room is cute and comfortable and the massage rooms very comfortable and quiet. I received plenty of emails back from Inner Harmony once I booked my appointment and the directions on getting there were very clear; as well as their late or no show policies. I'm glad they are strict on start time as I get irritated if I have to wait because someone ahead of me was running late. I can't wait to book my next massage

    Nancy C.

  • I have been to Inner Harmony Massage for over a year introduced by a Groupon deal. Usually I don't write Yelp review but have decided to write an excellent review. Angel has "magic hands". Literally her palms are warm/hot. At the first encounter I thought she was using a hot stone. She uses her advantage and glides her warm/hot hands on stiff muscles slowly. Her hands have eyes and can detect where the blood is not circulating well. I listened to her recommendation that my lower body needs massage rather than my normal problem area (neck, shoulder blades, and lower back). She was right. I started to have more frequent muscle cramp on my feet. So I requested to work on my lower body (hips, thighs, and calves) for the last two sessions. She mentioned that my lower back pain is stemming from my lower body's ill blood circulation. Wow, nobody mentioned it in the past. I feel GREAT. I recommend Angel.

    Etsuko S.

  • Tyler is the best! He has been working on me for over a year now, I had a knee injury he was able to work with and he will do "energy work" if needed. I find the location quiet & peaceful. It is clean and fresh in the massage rooms. Tyler will talk to you about what areas need extra attention. I gave a gift certificate to my neighbor for her 90th birthday, she had never had a massage before explained where the office was and what to expect, she loved it! Please consider some people use Yelp as a way to "extort" businesses into giving them "free" stuff to remove a bad review..If you buy a Groupon, don't expect to get a next day appointment. Don't get "hung-up" on whether you get a female or male therapist. This is therapeutic massage, not a cheap parlor! Try it and relax! You'll be glad you did! Please read all the reviews on here and read "between the lines" as it seems that Yelp is moving them around to suit their needs, filter by date!

    Kay F.

  • Today I went back after three years (when I tried them with groupon) and after a lot of research, I settled on Angel as my therapist. I booked online about 5-6 weeks ago and was very eager for it! I work as a hairstylist full time now and the last year and a half have been a wreck on my body. The busier I get at work, the more tension and pain I have. So I committed to myself to get regular massages and wanted to find somewhere that offered a membership/competitive rates and was local business. The facility - Clean, simple and comfy. Nothing more, nothing less. I just need somewhere to sit while I wait. The chickens outside are a bit loud though. The staff - Everyone working there, including one of the owners, was great. Very helpful, pleasant and I was offered water quite a few times. The massage - OMG I am in love with Angel. I'm a wimp when it comes to massages and have had some that were too firm (even with my crazy tension) and caused me to feel a lot of pain after. Angel was able to find a good pressure that made me comfortable and eased. She worked through all of my troubled areas during the time and even reviewed with me what my problem areas were. I felt so comfortable with her and it was the first massage that I felt able to relax and enjoy it. I already booked through the end of the year with Angel and can't wait to be back.

    Erin B.

  • My massage from Kiddle was the best I've ever had. I've gone to her before and will always request her. Her quiet, soothing voice, nurturing and caring manner and wonderful massage technique made it a wonderful experience. She discusses what YOU want, and makes it very clear that it is YOUR massage, whether you want deep tissue or a lighter touch. She also makes notes about your preferences and problem areas for your next visit. She is very attentive to appropriate draping when you change positions on the table. She will talk if you want to talk, or stay quiet if you prefer silence. She's perfect! Their on-line appointment process was a little slow and does not confirm until the next day. This place is not a day spa, so don't expect that type of atmosphere. But it is a very nice, calming environment to get a great massage, with excellent customer service. I can't wait to go back.

    Sharon M.

  • I absolutely love this place. I suffered from chronic shoulder pain. Chadd instantly recognized the problem and got to work. I go back to see Chadd once a month to keep everything in check and ensure that my issues will not return. Chadd is extremely professional and does a great job of explaining what is happening and provides tips and exercises to help alleviate and prevent pain. The company offers a membership plan that is around $50 a month, which includes one 60 minute massage each month. if you decide to go this route, it's so much cheaper than other massage places. Absolutely love this place and recommend it to anyone that is looking for professional and high quality massage therapists.

    Nicole G.

  • ** Update to previous review- I am upgrading my stars based simply on the absolutely amazing massage I had today from Tyler. Despite saying I would never be back, after receiving an email offer for discounted massages with Tyler, I decided to give them another chance. I'm very very glad I did! He is, I can honestly say, one of the best and most competent massage therapists I've ever encountered. I would like to first say that the massage I received from Megan was very very good! No complaints there at all. My biggest gripe is that there is absolutely no way to speak to a real live person during regular business hours. I'm sorry but if you operate a business you need to be able to answer the phone. Calling your customer to let them know that the scheduled massage therapist had called in sick and wouldn't be available for your massage would be a major bonus. Especially since the customer, my husband got off work early and drove half way across town to get afore mentioned massage. To tell him that they didn't call him due to not having his phone number is a total lack of making an effort to find it since I filled out his personal information myself (online as suggested) and his phone number was on it. It was also on the email I sent informing the massage therapist that he was running 15 minutes late due to work delays. That email is according to the message you hear when you call is the best and fastest way to reach them due to it being checked regularly is bull. Sad to say we won't be back.

    Stacey H.

  • I purchased the Groupon for a sixty minute massage for two with thermal heating treatment. Neither my friend nor I had ever received a professional massage so we were both eager/anxious to try it out. I read so many good reviews about this place and thus, we decided to give this place a go! Firstly, the location was extremely hard for us to find. My friend is usually very good with directions and we were unable to find the location for ~10 minutes. There also seems to be limited parking directly in front of the massage center and we parked on the street across from the center. Upon arrival, I was apprehensive of the location because the outside of the building/inside of the hallway leading up to Inner Harmony did not look very well kept. Upon entering the actual massage center, however, my fears dissipated. Inner Harmony is very well decorated, clean, and even home-y! There isn't a lot of "new-age-y" decorations/wall decor, which my friend and I appreciated. My friend and I filled out some paperwork and then met our massage therapists - Rashawn and Justin! My massage therapist was Justin. We spent a few minutes talking about the areas I wanted to focus on, my driving/commute (it's a long one!), and other exercise habits. He was very, very, very sweet during the entire massage, and did a great job of making sure I was covered/felt comfortable. It was an absolutely mesmerizing experience. Justin didn't go too hard with my massage (because it was my first time) but now, I wish I had asked him to! My friend LOVED Rashawn and raved about her the whole ride home! Overall, the experience was wonderful and I highly recommend Inner Harmony! Also -- if you're tipping with cash, make sure to bring it upon arrival! I mistakenly did not, assuming that the massage center (located next to many restaurants/small shops) would be close to a bank or drugstore (cash back). My friend and I had to drive to a Raley's a couple miles away to find an ATM. I was so scared we would be late for the massage since they are VERY strict about time! Luckily, we weren't!!

    Christine H.

  • This review goes out to anyone who has ever messaged me to remind me that I haven't been to Le Cordon Bleu. I haven't been to massage school, either, but here I am reviewing a massage parlor. Audacious, I know. It was hard to find at first, largely due to the fact that the massage parlor had inadequate signage. It turned out to be hidden away in the back of an office building on the corner of California and Temescal. I'm not going to pretend that Siri didn't get yelled at on the way there. Once inside, however, I forgot all of that. This is the cutest, most calming, best-decorated massage parlor I've ever been to. The couches were comfortable, there were well-chosen soothing mantras on the walls, and I got to do my intake paperwork on a tablet. After checking "no" to roughly 7000 health conditions, I was taken back to the room to get into my Kim K. suit and get under the blanket. You know the drill. The room was perfect. There were tons of clean shelves to store belongings on, a really pretty rug hung on the wall, rain-forest music, and beds that were actually warm. They didn't have lotion warmers, but I was cool with that, because it ultimately meant that less time was spent pumping lotion (pet peeve of mine). I have never had another therapist who made me feel like she was so connected to my body. I mean of course all masseuses know pressure points and things, but she really, really seemed to care. You know how cooking tastes better when it's done with love? (That is, by the way, official technical food reviewer speech, it's what pays the rent in my Yelp mansion.) Well... it's like she put love into her massage. She really cared about what she was doing. She listened to and heard my needs before, during, and after the massage. She took so much care for my privacy that she would have aced the test in nursing school (no one else has ever even come close to how good she was at this). And, most importantly, I've never heard so much connective tissue pop in my life. When the massage was over, she gave me a fairly detailed review of what she had found, as well as some suggestions (good, sound suggestions) for healing properly. Overall, I would say she is the most caring and professional masseuse I have come across so far. I actually calmed down a little bit just thinking about it and writing about it.

    Jennifer S.