• Tandem/ Couples Massage

  • The tandem massage is a specialty service that Inner Harmony Healing offers, intended for two people who would like to receive massages at the same time, typically (though not necessarily) in n the same room. The tandem appointment includes two massage therapists providing a full hour (or 90 minutes, if so requested) of massage to each client.

    Tandem appointments are among our most popular offerings, and are often scheduled as part of a “special day out” for couples, mother-daughters, or just best friends who wish to share their massage experience with another person. Tandems can be booked for any of our services, pending therapist availability.

    Tandem Appointments are not available with two females. 

    We encourage our clients to book online as it can save time. However, because evenings are weekends are our most requested times, we want our clients to understand that they are also the most booked out. Sometimes the perfect appointment time can be a few weeks out. 

    Our Online-Scheduler is very sophisticated for what is available in our industry, with that said, it is far from perfect. It can show the approximate times of when two people are available, but can only book for 1 therapist. Our administrative staff then manually review and accept/ decline appointments. If the appointment time works, and there is a second therapist available then we send an accept email and reserve the other therapist's availablity, if the appointment time does not work we send a decline. 

    If you get a decline email, please do not try to book the same appointment time... 

    Rather, try a later date, or give us a call at (916) 860-0137 and we can find a time that works well for you!