• Tyler:

    Tyler, Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Inner Harmony Healing, started practicing yoga as part of his healing process some 7 years ago, and yoga is an important part of how he remains active to this day as a Massage Therapist while having degenerative disk disease and arthritis. 

    His style is a combination of deep stretches to loosen up the back, hip, shoulders, and legs, as well as long and flowing poses to build strength and balance. His formal training is in Hatha, yet his background in dance and performing allows him to pull from many different techniques and styles. He is constantly learning and bettering his practice, and believes he will always be a "yoga-beginner" hoping to maintain his fascination with learning and bettering himself. 

    Tyler offers group classes, as well as one on one instruction for people with disabilities, or who otherwise are movement impaired to get them to a place where they can move and live freely without pain or worry.