• Membership Benefits

    October 26, 2016 | admin
  • Membership Details:

    • Massages never expire. As long as a contract is active, any unused massages can be used at any time, or gifted to friends and family at no extra cost. 
    • Members get priority booking. If there are no openings on a day/time with a therapist they choose, and that person is not already seeing members, we will move the non-member's appointment for our members.
    • Late cancelation. Life happens, which is why we allow 1 late cancelation (a cancelation that happens without more than 24 hours notice) without any penalties or charges every 6 months.  
    • You get to be around awesome people once a month! Our team is really small, so you're supporting a small business, and putting groceries on our tables, and gas in our tanks! You get to relax and restore your body, and we get to do what we love, and make more money doing it, while you still save! That money isn't going into some CEO's pocket, or some huge conglomerate investment firm, its going straight to the people in your community who need it! 
  • Reasons Why Massage is Important

  • Improves Immunity and Decreases Susceptibility to Colds, Flus and Other Illness

    Massage has been known to increase the number of natural killer cells and lymphocytes, enhancing the body's ability to fight off disease. It also enhances the efficiency of the circulatory and lymph system, improving the body's ability to eliminate waste and remove toxins. 

  • Helps Eliminate Migraines and Chronic Headaches

    Massage has been shown in numerous studies to eliminate and/or dramatically reduce the frequency, duration, or intensity of tension and cluster headaches as well as migraines. 

  • Reduces Risk of High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and Inflammatory Disease

    Several recent studies show that even a single 45 minute massage will lead to a significant reduction in the level of cortisol and cytokine proteins, both related to stress, inflammation and allergic reactions. Many, if not most people, have higher-than-ideal cortisol levels, caused by day-to-day stresses. Unaddressed, this has been shown to contribute to depression, high blood pressure, muscle loss, suppressed immunity, carb bingeing, high blood sugar, and type 2 diabetes. Massage helps to reduce or eliminate these conditions. 

  • Helps Build Muscle Faster, Enhancing Muscle Tone and Condition

    Consistent massage plus exercise builds muscle faster than exercise alone. For those who regularly exercise, massage has been shown to improve blood flow to muscles, helping to build new muscle mass more quickly. Interestingly, though, massage without exercise was shown to enhance circulation to the muscles as much as in clients who had exercised. Additionally, since high cortisol levels destroy muscle tissue, massage, in reducing cortisol levels, helps to keep existing muscle tissue healthy as well as helping to build new muscle. 

  • Helps Maintain Healthier, More Beautiful Skin, and Reduces Wrinkles and Signs of Aging

    Regular Massage enhances skin nutrition, improves elasticity of skin, and enhances the skins ability to get rid of toxins and waste, helping your skin stay soft, radiant, and healthy.

  • Supports Weight Loss and Helps Reduce Fat Deposits

    Cortisol is a stress hormone that reduces the body's ability to burn fat. Since massage has been shown in many studies to consistently reduce cortisol levels, regular massage can support weight loss and the reduction of cortisol-dependent fat deposits on the face, neck, and belly. 

  • Massage Reduces Anxiety and Depression

    Massage increases production of serotonin and dopamine, neurotransmitters that help reduce depression and anxiety. Recent studies have shown that regular massage can reduce anxiety with similar effectiveness to psychotherapy. Massage has been shown to be effective with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, as well as anxiety associated with many common medical conditions. Massage has shown to have dramatic positive effect on those with chronic depression.  

  • Massage Helps Reduce or Eliminate Chronic Pain

    Americans consume 99% of the world supply of hydrocodone (Vicodin). In addition to being highly addictive, these drugs are toxic to the liver, and affect digestion and many other functions. Massage may not always eliminate pain, but it can drastically reduce it, by increasing natural endorphin production (the body's natural equivalent to pain killers), reducing the perception of pain. Massage also enhances circulation so that pain killers are better absorbed and utilized by the body. And, of course, massage simply reduces muscular tension and stress and numerous other pain source, reducing the overall need for pain killers. 

  • Why Choose Inner Harmony Healing?

    From the start, our practice has been focused on a comprehensive view of health and wellness, and uniqueness of each client's needs and personal story. While we see many people simply for general relaxation or to celebrate special events, we thrive on helping our clients achieve optimal heath and wellness. Our team of talented practitioners is here to help you, whether you are seeking relaxation, the improved health benefits from massage, or help with acute or chronic conditions. Let us show you the difference a massage from Inner Harmony Healing can make in your life!

  • The Massage Experience

    We work hard to bring you a world-class massage therapy experience. While we aren't a spa and don't focus on pampering or luxury, you'll find that the quality and attention to detail of the massages delivered by out therapists are among the best you'll find anywhere. We've considered hundreds of applicants to find the best massage therapists, and set high standards to ensure that each client has the best possible massage from any therapist we have. 

  • Our Staff

    Each of our staff are chosen not just for the education, training, and skill, but also personality, focus on healing, professionalism, and adherence to our core values. All have extensive knowledge and expertise in their fields of practice, and -- perhaps the hardest to identify and evaluate -- a deep sense of nurturing, combined with the intuition and technical skill to understand and address the client's needs and provide the best possible care. All have achieved state certification, a rigorous and voluntary process that includes verification of a high level of education from an accredited school, background checks, and adherence to professional ethics and standards. 

  • 20% Longer Sessions

    Most of our competitors advertise "1 hour" massages that are scheduled exactly an hour apart, allowing no time to talk to the therapist, get undress/dressed, or any of the other incidentals. These sessions are usually closer to 45 minutes. Our sessions are spaced out enough to include an actual hour (or 90 minutes) of "hands on" time. Each session is individualized to your needs, and each therapist brings his or her unique skill, talent, and ability to the session. No two sessions, even with the same therapist, are ever alike, because each session is focused on your specific needs or goals.  

  • A Customized Treatment Plan

    As an ongoing client of Inner Harmony, you'll work with your therapist to develop a specialized, individual treatment plan specific to your needs and goals. Whether you're just coming in for relaxation, or you have long-term chronic health issues you want to address, we'll work with you to ensure you get the best possible outcomes. And because our staff members work as a team, you are always free (and encouraged) to work with other therapists to achieve specific goals, or stick with one particular staff member if that is better for you. Each appointment includes enough time to consult with the therapist before and after the session to receive specific recommendations and get questions answered. 

  • More Than Just Massage

    From the start of our practice, one of our core values has been healing the whole person. While massage plays a vital role in maintaining optimal health, the "bigger picture" includes an understanding of the connection and integration between mind and body. To address this, we offer workshops on communication, health and wellness, self-care, relationships and numerous other topics; individual coaching sessions; yoga and body-awareness classes, and an increasing array of other services to support the goal of a truly holistic-health and healing. 

  • Other Interesting Facts About Inner Harmony

      • All Inner Harmony Therapists have completed the rigorous state certification process.  This extensive vetting includes verification of educational and training credentials, a comprehensive background check, and adherence to the hightest ethical standards. 
      • Our rigorous 3 step hiring process ensures that Inner Harmony offers only the best, most talented Massage Therapists.
      • Each of our staff is committed to their own personal growth and transformation, and their work reflects those values. 
      • We are a locally owned small business, not a large national company or franchise.
  • Terms and Conditions

    • One year subscription. 
    • Premature cancellation of subscription can be resolved by paying 50% of the remaining balance on the contract. 
    • Roll over massages are only available as long as the subscription is still active.
    • Additional one-hour massages are $45.00 (subject to lead therapist fee depending on massage provider).
    • Members may transfer the first massage of the month to friends or family at no additional cost. 
    • Members may place their membership on hold for up to 4 months, thus extending their contract by the same amount of time.

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