• Lead Therapists:

  • Angel Has been with Inner Harmony Healing since 2012! She is the longest working Therapist besides the Owners, and she has seen our practice evolve from a tiny 2 room office to the beauty that it is today! 

    She is loved by her Husband, Family, and Clients.

    Her truly quirky and unique personality inspires many people, as well as lends to her fantastic sense of humor. She is an invaluable part of Inner Harmony Healing, and her reviews and testimonials are raving! 

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  • Tyler is one of the Owners/ Co-founders of Inner Harmony Healing. His work is among some of the most diverse, and he has worked with many different populations including cancer patients, auto-immune patients, and people with spinal diseases. 

    His driving factor is his journey towards his own self-healing, which has led him to many different healing facets such as Massage Therapy, Yoga, Psychoeduication Coaching, and SocialWork. 

    Inner Harmony is part of his family, and while the team is who he usually spends his time with, he still has time to spend with his Husband Gary, and his Mother and Siblings. 

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  • Master Massage Therapists:

    A "Master" Massage Therapist is someone who's skill and experience are equal to the number of clients that want to work with them and who continue to rebook with them. Inner Harmony Healing selects each Master Therapist very carefully. They are artists among their craft, and each have the reviews of excellence to back them up. For this reason they also do not take any discounted clients or coupons. (Memberships accepted, Email specials may vary)

  • Alan is a neuromuscular therapist with advanced training in musculoskeletal anatomy, kinesiology, and advanced massage techniques. His specialty is working with injuries, chronic pain, and stress, but he equally enjoys seeing clients who are simply looking to relax.

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  • Brandon is friendly and welcoming, and loves everything from relaxation and "feel good" massages to working out deep, long-lasting tension and stress. He is equally adept with firm, deep massage as well as nurturing, relaxing work.

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  • Kiddle is truly a free soul! She has been a part of the Inner Harmony Healing team since February of 2013, and in that long period of time she has grown into a magnificent Therapist, as well as an incredible friend and loved one to the entire staff! 

    Her background in preforming Reggae music is reflected in her massages, as well as her whole demeanor. Her calm, soothing presence can be felt in the next room, and she always has a beat in her step! 

    She is a Mother, Grandmother, and is loved by her friends, family, coworkers and clients. We could not be where we are without her sense of humor, and her ability to make everyone around her feel appreciated and loved! 

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  • Certified Massage Therapists:

  • Amber

    Amber is truly a well rounded and gifted healer. She has always had an affinity for healing since very early in her life, and still to this day is adding various modalities to her repertoire. Having initially started her career as a receptionist for a spa, she has a deep knowledge of various spa modalities and carries a sense of professionalism and tactfulness only gained through hard work and experience. Her schedule is filling up fast, and she is quickly developing a strong following.  

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