• Personal Development Through The Lenses of Science and Compassion

  • What is The Workshop?

    This workshop is a 3 and a half day experiential intensive starting Friday night, and then Friday Saturday and Sunday the next week with some fun activities. Working all day on Saturday with a mix of fun exercises and profound discussions, and going to a relaxing hot spring on Sunday as a group to allow the work to sink (or soak) in the knowledge, hiking opportunities, and many other activities will be available.

  • Why We Set Out:

    We saw a community of gay and bi-sexual men and women that had difficulties finding and maintaining loving relationships. Where issues surrounding sex, love, intimacy, and connection got confused; where in our best efforts to feel complete, we felt disconnected and alone.

  • How We Did It:

    We created a workshop intended to bring people of similar issues together, free of judgement and ridicule, where we can understand the underline issues that get in the way of our potential, and connection. Where we can explore how to have better sex and orgasm (through connection and belonging), and figure out how to find healthy relationship.

  • What You Can Expect to Gain:

    • Deeper Connection to Others
    • Better Sex and Intimacy
    • Finding Healthier Relationships
    • Proven, Research-based Solutions
    • Playfulness that is safe and fun
    • Understanding of why we fail
    • Compassion for yourself
    • Strategies on how to succeed
  • What You Can Expect:

    Coming in with an open heart and mind, you can expect to better understand yourself, find and explore places for growth and deeper understanding, and to let go of fears and limitations. You can expect to begin learning how to find true connection, cultivated through healthy, connected relationships and deep, meaningful friendships, and how to love yourself and others in a deeper, more compassionate way. 

  • Contact Info:

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 916-317-9497

    Workshop dates: To be determined