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    Kiddle brings  25 years of experience in the healthcare field to her bodywork practice. While her technique draws heavily on traditional Swedish and deep tissue massage, incorporating elements of myofascial therapy, Eastern and energetic approaches, her belief is that it is the healing itself that is most important, rather than the specific modality used to achieve it. Accordingly, each of her sessions is unique to the specifics of the client, honing in on the specific areas of tension or discomfort the client experiences. But it is the combination of her talent and intuition as a therapist, combined with her personality, warmth, and engaging spirit that keeps her clients returning.

    Kiddle has worked with clients ranging from athletes at Sacramento City College to Army Reserve staff and personnel, to those working in office or tech environments, and just about everything else. Her style is deeply nurturing, and she particularly enjoys working with clients with chronic stress and muscular tension, range-of-motion limitations, and long-term chronic pain. 

    Kiddle utilizes both eastern and western approaches to achieve her clients' goals. Her work draws heavily on Swedish, deep tissue, sports therapy, Shiatsu, trigger point therapy, myofascial therapy,  and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation(PNF-stretching). She also specializes in thermal therapy using hot and cold packs, and salt scrubs and salt glows.

     While she does many 60 minute sessions, Kiddle particularly enjoys longer (90 and 120 minute) sessions, allowing the opportunity for deeper and more profound relief from muscle tension and profound healing. Many of her clients see her for a series of sessions to address long-standing mobility, flexibilty, and range-of motion issues, chronic pain and tension, and other complex challenges.


  • Kiddle's Trainings And Certifications:

    Active member the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).

    Graduate of National Holistic Institute.

    Completed courses in Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Therapy, PNF-stretching, Myofascial Therapy, and additional modalities.

    Holds certification from the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC)

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  • What Our Clients Say About Kiddle:

  • Sharon M.

    My massage from Kiddle was the best I've ever had. I've gone to her before and will always request her. Her quiet, soothing voice, nurturing and caring manner and wonderful massage technique made it a wonderful experience. She discusses what YOU want, and makes it very clear that it is YOUR massage, whether you want deep tissue or a lighter touch. She also makes notes about your preferences and problem areas for your next visit. She is very attentive to appropriate draping when you change positions on the table. She will talk if you want to talk, or stay quiet if you prefer silence. She's perfect!

    Their on-line appointment process was a little slow and does not confirm until the next day.

    This place is not a day spa, so don't expect that type of atmosphere. But it is a very nice, calming environment to get a great massage, with excellent customer service. I can't wait to go back.

  • Kylie C.

    This place is awesome!! Found them on groupon. Got the 60 minutes couples massage. I had Nicolas and my husband had Kiddle. We both have had massages before but agreed that this was one of the best ones yet. They listened very carefully during our consultation before the massages began and used the info we have them to give an awesome massage. We felt comfortable telling them to give more or less pressure and applied the correct amount. We will most definitely be coming back here for future massages!!

  • Julia B.

    Wonderful massage experience.  I've tried other massage places, but this is the real deal.  My massage was done by Kiddle.  She was very responsive to the areas I needed worked on.  It was a deep tissue massage, and she applied heat to really tight muscles before working the areas.  I left feeling relaxed and much more knowledgeable about my tension and muscles with prior injuries.  She made notes about my problem areas for the next visit.  The 90 minute session went by way too fast.  Looking forward to my next visit.