• Closing Our Doors

    May 1, 2020 | admin

    Dear Inner Harmony Family, 

    This is probably the most difficult email I've ever had to write.  As many of you know, Inner Harmony has been closed and unable to see clients since March, in accordance with health department and California Massage Therapy Certification Board guidelines. 

    Additionally, back in January, with the passage of Assembly Bill AB-5, we were mandated to switch our business model from having contracted massage therapists, as we had done by mutual agreement with all our therapists since we opened in 2011, to bringing all of them on as employees. 

    Our business model, which was almost unique in the field (full 60 minute sessions, with 15 minutes in between) thus, on an hourly-payment employee model, increased our costs by almost 40%, with no benefit to either the business or the therapists (who were unanimously against the move.) 

    Finally, I had arranged with another organization to purchase the business, and continue providing the same services, and the board of this organization had agreed to the purchase, but -- literally on the day the agreement was to be signed -- reneged on their commitment.

    Inner Harmony has always been a low-margin business; since the beginning, we have focused on providing a great experience for clients, and generous compensation for therapists, and operated with extremely low overhead. My own income from it was often less than our busiest therapists.  It has truly been a labor of love, one that has been a part of me all of my adult life.  

    Unfortunately, the events described above combined into a "perfect storm" that has depleted our savings and operating capital, and we have been unable to secure the funding or loans to continue.  With the new indications that it will not be safe for massage therapists to work with clients for at least several more months, I have been left with no other option than to permanently close our doors. 

    How could anyone have prepared for this? Who knew the world would stop functioning this long? Would it have made things any less difficult or burdensome if we did know? — These are all the questions I have been trying to understand for the last month and a half.

    Without being able to see clients, redeem Groupons, sell packages, and continue memberships, we are unable to pay our rent and overhead. It is for that reason why, unfortunately, we have to say good bye to our amazing staff and clientele.

    The world keeps turning, even when you sometimes don’t have the means to make ends meet…

    We know this is a painful process for many individuals, and we share that burden. People, families, and small business like ours are financially, spiritually, and energetically drained, and we want each of you to know that we feel every bit of that anxiety and uncertainty with you. 

    Over the next month, I'm going to be working with our (former) staff members and do my best to help them if they wish to start in individual practice. There will be a means for each of you to be in touch with your favorite therapist (assuming s/he continues to see clients on an individual basis) to arrange sessions individually. 

    Although Inner Harmony's financial resources are exhausted, when personal care services are again allowed to be open -- which there are some indications may not be until late summer, if then -- I will do my best to work with those of you who were part of our membership program to provide individual sessions to compensate for unused membership sessions. This will most likely be the only compensation we will be able to offer.

    While this process is going to be difficult and painful, I am doing my best to handle it as quickly and efficiently as I can. Elicia (our former practice manager) is no longer employed and thus I will be doing my best to answer emails and messages. I apologize ahead of time for the likely delays that will be there in responding to emails, and for the way in which this closure is occurring.  It was in no way what any of us expected, and I am heartbroken both for the loss of our wonderful staff and for the loss of connection to two many of you. 

    That said, I deeply appreciate your support of our small business over the years, your kind thoughts and words, and all of the many positive experiences I have had meeting and working with each of you.  While it's difficult to see at the moment, I'm hoping that when this is all over, all of us in the world will come away with some new insights and connections that will ultimately lead us in a positive direction.

    Thanks once again for your kindness, your business, your understanding. 

    With much love, 


    Owner/ Founder at Inner Harmony Healing