• You Have Probably Been Getting Massaged Wrong Your Whole Life

    October 6, 2017 | News | admin
  • You Have Probably Been Getting Massaged Wrong Your Whole Life

    October 6, 2017 | News | admin
  • The Do's and Dont's










    How does one have a bad massage anyhow?

    Well, here it is:

    • If you have to ask your therapist to lighten up because they are hurting you, and their response is "no pain no gain"
    • If you need upgrade to Deep Tissue Massage just to get any benefit other than relaxation. (otherwise known by our practice as "fluff and buff")
    • If you have to repeat yourself more than once to tell your therapist to work on your problem areas. 
    • They offer services that they are not qualified for, or don't totally understand. 
    • They substitute massage with "energy-work" without your consent.
    • If you have to ask you Therapist to talk less, or more depending on your comfort level. 
    • Having a drape (sheet or blanket) that doest fully cover your modesty. 
    • Many, many more...


    Its all to common when Im working on someone new that I hear horrific examples of a therapist either being really unethical or just not having a clue as to what they are doing. The point of this, by the way is not to bash anyone else's business, but to bring up a very critical issue that needs to be more understood and communicated. Massage is a grey area profession... We are healthcare providers, and there is clinical evidence that massage helps many mental, biochemical, and physical ailments. However, we are also in a place where we are providing ambience, experience, and similar to a hair dresser many times we are also somewhat counselors to our clients emotional needs. 

    That being said, schooling and certification requirements are pretty low, thus setting the bar just as low. Before working with a therapist, you should make sure they have just as much of a clinical knowledge of your body and ailments as well as having a personality that meshes well with yours. Far to often I hear clients talking about our Massage Therapy Practice being a gem because of the diversity of people working here, yet they all provide really deeply profound work. I have a lot of pride in my team, and everything we have accomplished, but I also want to see the professional standards elevated, and to see Massage Therapy as a medical service similar to Physical Therapy or Chiropractic. It has nothing to do with how many years someone has been doing massage, or how much experience they have, because in my experience someone coming right out of their massage school can be better than someone who's been in practice for 10+ years. You either know what you're doing, and have a relaxing touch, or you do not.. its that simple. The only way we can get there is if clients demand more, ask more questions, and get more involved in their healthcare. 

    Heres a list of questions you can ask your Therapist: 

    1. What are your certifications and qualifications?
    2. How many hours of schooling have you completed?
    3. What group of people do you enjoy working with the most, and why?
    4. What got you interested in providing massage in the first place?
    5. What is your plan to help me with my physical issues?

    A truly humble, gifted therapist will appreciate a challenge and will respect you more for asking these kinds of questions. It means you're serious about your health, and massage. They will work harder for you to satisfy you and make sure you'll become a regular client. If they don't, however, you now know that therapist was not the right one for you in the first place

    Get curious, and get some massage!

  • About The Author:

    Tyler has been in practice as a massage therapist since 2010, but has always had an affinity as a healer and an interest in mental, spiritual, and physical health. 

    Struggling with his own auto-immune disease, he has found great value in alternative healing modalities such as massage and yoga, and continues to this day to learn as much as he can about health and wellness through the holistic and scientific communities. 

    As the sole owner of Inner Harmony Healing, he has enforced the idea that massage therapy should be a medical service. Therefore, he and the rest of the Inner Harmony team have gone through extensive vocational training to ensure the quality of the massage therapy services they offer to the greater Sacramento and Fair Oaks area.