• How Long Should I Wait to Exercise After a Massage?

    March 10, 2017 | News | admin
  • How Long Should I Wait to Exercise After a Massage?

    March 10, 2017 | News | admin
  • Don't Throw Away Your Massage...

    We recommend that you wait at least 24-48 hours to exercise or perform any physically strenuous activities. 

    The reason for this is because of something known as muscle recuperation, which is widely known about in the body building industry as the time in which your muscles repair themselves after a workout. Massage is very similar to a workout in that it physically tears the muscle fibers and moves blood and lactic acids, breaking down scar tissue, and forcing the body to repair itself. 

    With lots of water, and the appropriate amount of rest, you can take the most advantage of your massage session and gain the most benefits. 

    Here is what go's into the consideration of how long you should rest:

    • How fast your body typically recovers from soreness (like when you workout)
    • How intense your session was (was it deep tissue, and was it focused on one specific area?)
    • How often you are getting massages (less often probably means you need more rest time)
    • How well you hydrate (reference our article on how much water you should drink after a massage)
    • And how stressed you are (the stress hormone cortisol literally breaks down muscle tissue and causes weight gain, massage will help lower cortisol, but you need to allow time to rest for it to take effect)

    Recommended methods of rest:

    • Avoid working out (duh) and vigorous tasks.
    • Sleep/take naps. 
    • Take the day off. 
    • Take a light walk around the neighborhood. 
    • Take a long soak in a bath or hot tub (Epsom salts are a huge plus)
    • Something not previously mentioned that is pleasurable or physically vigorous. 
  • About The Author:

    Tyler has been in practice as a massage therapist since 2010, but has always had an affinity as a healer and an interest in mental, spiritual, and physical health. 

    Struggling with his own auto-immune disease, he has found great value in alternative healing modalities such as massage and yoga, and continues to this day to learn as much as he can about health and wellness through the holistic and scientific communities. 

    As the sole owner of Inner Harmony Healing, he has enforced the idea that massage therapy should be a medical service. Therefore, he and the rest of the Inner Harmony team have gone through extensive vocational training to ensure the quality of the massage therapy services they offer to the greater Sacramento and Fair Oaks area.