• How Much Water Should I Drink After a Massage?

    March 9, 2017 | News | admin
  • The short answer? A lot...

    On the whole, most of our clients do a pretty good job of staying decently hydrated between their sessions, however, there are still quite a few that have skepticism when it comes to the whole "drink lots of water" thing. 

    Lets be clear... You will not gain benefit from your massage if you do not hydrate properly. 

    As a good rule of thumb, we recommend that you drink water at a ratio of pounds: ounces. What that means is if you weight say 165lbs, then you should be drinking about 165oz of water within 24 hours of your session. That's about 20 glasses of water. 

    We know that is probably unrealistic for most of our clients, but it is a good goal to shoot for. 

    What drinking excessive water does after a massage is it flushes out toxins and lactic acids from your tissue that would inhibit muscle repair and the amount of oxygen that could get to your muscles. There are many other positive benefits to drinking water regularly that we talk about also, such as: 

    • Lessening wrinkles and making fine lines go away on the face and body.
    • Curbing appetite and helping with sugar and carbohydrate cravings.
    • Forcing the body to loose weight.
    • Repairing kidneys and gut enzymes.
    • Curing acne, and helping to repair acne scars. 
  • About The Author:

    Tyler has been in practice as a massage therapist since 2010, but has always had an affinity as a healer and an interest in mental, spiritual, and physical health. 

    Struggling with his own auto-immune disease, he has found great value in alternative healing modalities such as massage and yoga, and continues to this day to learn as much as he can about health and wellness through the holistic and scientific communities. 

    As the sole owner of Inner Harmony Healing, he has enforced the idea that massage therapy should be a medical service. Therefore, he and the rest of the Inner Harmony team have gone through extensive vocational training to ensure the quality of the massage therapy services they offer to the greater Sacramento and Fair Oaks area.